Monday, January 30, 2006

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Sunday, January 29, 2006

I'm still here

I have not posted in a week but I am still here! Life just seems to consume my time! When the kids are home they all want their turn on the computer and my husband has been using it a lot more lately filling out job applications. When he is home he usually does not want to be at the computer anymore having been in front of one all day.

My husbands Mom and step Dad are visiting this weekend, so I felt I had to have the house "perfect". I stressed about it like I usually do and then they arrived 2 hours early, so it wasn't ready anyway! To top that off I wasn't ready either! I had come from the gym and had not cleaned up yet and was also stuck on the phone. Two of my kids and my in-laws all walked in the door at once. I shared this all with my hubby and he just laughed! But he understands why I fret! The weekend has gone nicely though.

My husband and I went yesterday to pick out wood flooring for the carpeted area in our front dining and living areas. We found something we like and it may be all installed by the end of the week! Yea! I did not know the carpets were so bad when we bought this house, so it will be a great improvement. We want to put wood in our bedroom also, but we will do that later.

Well this is just chatter. I will try and post something more thought provoking later, when I can think myself.

Sunday, January 22, 2006


We don't watch much football at our house, but we have been intrested lately because of the SeaHawks. They played a GREAT game today and they are headed for the Super Bowl!!
Yea!!! My husband was born in Seattle and I was born in Bremerton, so we love the Seahawks at our house. All of my kids were born in Washington also. I think we will be watching the Super Bowl this year!

Saturday, January 21, 2006


There was a bit of intrest about my asthma and a few questions, so I thought I would try and write about my experience with it. And then answer the questions. This will probably be a very long post!

I was diagnosed with asthma when I was 3 yrs. old, 1969. Back then they were still learning about asthma and what caused it. At that time they told my Mother it was brought on because I was jealous of my new baby brother. At age 4 my right lung collapsed and that was my first long hospital stay with it. When I would have problems they would usually argue about if it was asthma or pneumonia. Sometimes when my Mom took me in they would say she was over reacting. Other times they got on her for not bringing me sooner. My Mom had Asthma too ( not as bad) and because of our health the Navy gave my Dad a medical transfer from South Carolina to sunny California. We lived in California for 7 years and during that time I was only hospitalized once. There were a few trips to the ER, but we pretty much took care of it with an inhaler. The time I was hospilized they thought maybe I was jealous of my Aunt and the time she was spending with my Mom. They had recently moved to our area. Both in SC and CA I was tested for allergies, which showed nothing. They even had me talk to a phycologist for a few visits. He told my Mom I was fine and to stop coming. Anyway Doctors still had a lot to learn about asthma and what went on with it. In alot of ways it is unpredictable.

Because of asthma I was restricted in my play for fear of an attack. Later a study came out where they were trying to give asthmatics more independence and to learn how to care for themselves. They encouraged activity and taught kids what to do. After reading about it my Mom started letting me do more things. At that time we were also told not to give asthmatics milk or ice cream. They said it caused more phlegm. I remember being heartbroken one time because I couldn't have some of my Moms homemade mint chocolate chip ice cream. When I was in the hospital the one time in CA Mom let me have some after I came home. YUM!!! It is still one of my favorites!

After leaving CA, we moved to Oregon for 6 months and then to Idaho for 3 years. In both of these places my asthma was pretty calm. We even thought I had maybe grown out of it. There would be some problems if I had a cold though.

In 1982 we moved to Oklahoma and boy did things change!!! I was allergic to many things there and was in the ER about 3 times a week and hospitalized 15 times in the 4 year period we lived there. Surprisingly during my senior year of HS it was pretty well controlled with all the medication I was on. My meds were carried in a mini taclke box and I was teased by teachers that I was spacey. After I was perscribed my own nebulizer to have at home the ER trips were cut down. I had the attack I talked about previously in April 86. That was the last time I was hospitalized in OK. We moved back to Idaho in July 86.

After returning to Idaho I was hospitalized two more times. This time there were toxic levels of theophylline in my system because I was getting better. I still had some problems though and because my parents room was upstairs from me they rigged up an alarm system so I could call for help. I went on to move to Washington and lived with my Aunt while I attended college to become a Medical Assistant. My Aunt was a nurse and when I was in trouble I just had to call out for her. My aunt was good friends with my Doctor and they would discuss what to do with me. He allowed me to have epinephrine shots at home if I needed them and taught me how to give them to myself if my aunt was not around. If the attack was too bad he told my aunt when to put me on prednisone.

Not long after moving to Washington I read an article about how hormone fluctuation affects asthma ( this is true for me- everytime I was in the hospital it was around my cycle) and that birth control pills seemed to help. I talked with my Mom about it and we went to get some for me. The doctor had read studies about that also, but I think the nurses thought I wanted them for other reasons. They did help and by the time I met and married my husband things were better. He has only seen one or two really bad attacks and a lot of little ones.

When it was time to think about having babies I needed to make a change. I really wanted to breast feed and could not on my current medications. The current trend was to try and put asthmatics on a variety of inhalers. Steriod inhalers to prevent inflammation and a rescue inhaler. My doctor sent me to an asthma and allergy specialist and they weaned me off theophylline and put me on inhalers and I was able to have my babies and nurse them. Things were definately much better, but when ever I got a cold it would got right to my chest and cause problems and I would have to go on antibiotics.

At the beginning of my third pregnancy I was attending college, to get prerequisites done for a nursing program, and working one day a week. I caught a cold and it went to my chest. I had stopped my steroid inhaler because I was PG. I wanted to get through the frist trimester with out taking it. I went to the doctor and she gave me antibiotics and wanted to put me on prednisone. I told her no that I thought I would be OK on the antobiotic alone. I wasn't! The next morning my husband took me to the ER. I was hardly pushing any air. I ended up in the hospital and on LOTS of prednisone. The first time in 10 yrs. This episode in some ways was more scary than all I had been through previously. I think it was because I was pregnant. I learned my lesson about the preventative treatment of asthma and have been a much better patient since. I had always tried to be tough and brave. Because I was pregnant and afraid for my baby, I asked the nurses to bring me a doppler. I was 9 weeks along and I laid in the bed using the doppler until I heard my babys heart beat. It was amazing that I found it, and it was a great reassurance for me! I had a nurse listen for proof!

After that hospital stay I was put on a new inhaler treatment that had come out. Flovent ( a steroid inhaler) and Seravent ( a long acting albuterol inhaler) This worked very well and after having James I even started trying to jog. Unheard of for me ever! When James was about 1 yr. old Singulair came out and my doctor added that to my regimen. Singulair changed my life! I could do things I had never done before without asthma interferring. I have been on it since and have even been able to go off Flovent and Seravent (4 yrs. ago). That is my asthma story "in a nut shell". Now I will try and answer the questions.

I was asked if there were a way to measure the impact on my life. I don't know, but it has had a huge impact! My life revolved around it. Especially in Oklahoma. How many decisions were influenced by it! Many! I could not go into certian stores (books, craft) exaust would bother it. Tabacco smoke. My uncle , where I lived while in college in WA, smoked a pipe with cherry tabacco. I loved the smell, but could not go around him while he was smoking it. I would have to stay in my room and he smoked it almost every night. I worked for my brother, in his cleaning business, while in college, and had to give that up. I could never clean an oven. There were some times of intimacy with my husband where I would have to stop and take a shot of epinephrine. That sure cools things off! He was so patient! I could go on and on!

How many memorable life experiences revolved around it? Lots! My poor mother has spent every major holiday with me in the ER or hospital. Including her anniversayy and birthday. I was admitted once on Christmas day. Planning for my babies. I even got to where I would do extra prepration before intimatcy. I never went anywhere without an inhaler. It was almost like a friend.There was one in every car , every jacket, in my purse . When I swam there was one on the edge of the pool. When I started trying to exercise there was one right there with me. I was afraid without it. A nebulizer went with us on any long drive or trip. Luckily as a medical assistant I could get sample inhalers for free to put in all those places. Now I have only one or two and they usually expire and I have to throw them away. We don't have to bring the nebulizer for me when we go on trips. I can run, exercise, anything!

How has it shaped my personality? I think I am pretty "tough". If I can get through that I can get through anything! It also puts into perspective what is really important. I am compassionate to those with breathing difficulties. Growing up I would try and hide my asthma problems so I would not be a "bother". In some cases if I had asked for help sooner it would not have been as bad. I would feel like a burden sometimes. I was fearful of asthma at times but I also looked at asthma as a enemy and did not want to give into it. I think I was a fighter and at times I would fight it too long.

There were several times I should have died, but I think God protected me until modern medicen could figure asthma out better. My daughter now has asthma and I am thankful I know what to do. I am not afraid of it anymore! I am confident that I can take care of her and that she will never experience the things I did.

Well I think I am done!

Chocolate Chip Cookies

I was just making Chocolate Chip cookies today and got to thinking about my "history" with them. My Mom taught me early how to cook and how to make them. I started out with the basic Toll House recipe and have tried different ways to change it over the years.

In High School on "party" days I was always asked to bring them and was gauranteed "friends" on those days.When my Uncles would come to visit the first thing they would ask for was cookies. If there wern't any I would make them quick! CC cookies caught the attention of my first real boyfriend in college. I made them for an assignment and ended up making them for him many times in our year of dating.

When I was dating my husband and first met future in-laws I gave them a gift of cookies. I now make them for my husband and kids almost every weekend. Its tradition! Ha!

When we lived in military housing in Virginia it was customary to greet newcomers to the neighborhood with food. Everyone knew not to make cookies because they had dubbed it to be my job. Our close friends across the street knew on baking days they would get a plate of them . ( this kept us from eating too much at our house) If word got out I was making cookies one of the neighbors would usually be at the door asking for one. One neighbor even sent her cute twin boys over once and they said," my Mom wants a cookie"! That neighborhood was a very special place to live!

Anyway these cookies have helped to cultivate friendships over the years. I love making them and don't think they are really that special, but it has been fun! I thought I would share my current recipe. Enjoy!!

In a small bowl mix: 3 cups Flour, 1 tsp. salt, and 1 tsp. baking soda, mix well and set aside.

In a large bowl mix: 1/2 cup butter, 1/2 cup butter flavor crisco, 3/4 cup DARK brown sugar, 3/4 cup sugar and 1 1/2 tsp. vanilla. After that is mixed well add 2 eggs and turn up the speed of the mixer as high as you can. Beat the eggs well for about a minute and then mix in with the rest of the mixture. After all that is mixed well add the flour mixture. Then add one or all of these "mix-in" suggestions. 1/2 cup pecans, 1/2 chunk chocolate chips, 1/2 cup M&M's

Spoon onto greased cookie sheet and bake at 350 degrees for 12-14 min. ,until they are just turing "golden" (depending on your oven)

I'am very picky about how my cookies look. I like them soft and not crunchy. Anyway enjoy!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Rom 8:28

My last post had me thinking more about that almost fatal asthma attack and the hospital stay that went with it. I had quite a few visitors and well wishers while I was there. The family I was a nanny for brought me 2 dozen yellow roses. (I actually just remembered that) But there was another friend that visited that was a great encouragement. My life verse is Romans 8:28 and has been for a long time. I don't know if this friend knew this , but they came and visited me and chose to read Romans 8 to me. The whole chapter! I remember it was a sunny spring day . Spring is a sign of life. Anyway it was a blessing to me and I had a peace that I would be O.K.!
I don't know if I will ever see this friend again in this life, but it is a memory I cherish forever in my heart.

Friends are truly blessings from God!

Saturday, January 14, 2006


I had a request from Seeker to tell the story about the friend who saved my life. I call her my CaraBear and after my husband , she is my dearest friend in the world. I met CaraBear in Jan. 1983, but really got to know her better during the annual walk-a-thon for the Christian school we attended in OKC. A twenty mile trek around Lake Overhausler (sp?) I have asthma and completeing this trek was a big deal for me. She sprained her ankle on the walk.

It did not take much for us to become fast friends! She is extremly funny and incredibly smart!
She recently was sought out and asked to interview fro a job on Wall Street! She is not just my friend- I condiser her my sister. I love her dearly! Now for the story!

As I said before, I have Asthma, and have had it since I was 3. While living in OKC it was the worst it has ever been in my life, then or now. Thanks to modern medicen, I found my"miracle drug" in 1999 and with Singulair, it is like I do not have Asthma! My life was changed with that medicen and I never cease to be thankful for it! But back in those days I was in the ER at least 3 times a week and in a 3 year period was hospitalized 15 times.

CaraBear is a hard worker and at that time she worked at a childrens convalescent center in OKC. She usually worked a late shift because she could not go to work until after classes at the college we attended after HS. One day after she had already went to work I found out that a mutual friend in the college, that we had also went to HS with, had had been kicked out of the college for breaking the 6 inch rule with her fiancee while home on spring break. I think they kissed or something, I don't know exactly. (I was later her maid of honor in her wedding and as far as I know they are still happily married)

Anyway I was very upset! I looked up to this girl and didn't understand how this could be happening. I knew CaraBear would be upset too, so my Mom and I went to her work and waited for her to get done and had her come to our house and spend the night. She was no longer living in the dorm and had her own apartment. She would not have been able to come if she still lived in the dorm. She came over and in the night I had one of my bad attacks, and the three of us took off to Tinker AFB to the ER.

Now I had been in the ER and admitted to this hospital so much that they had "threatened" to put my name on one of the rooms. Everyone knew me. But on this particular night there was a new set of medics and nurses that did not know me. They were even trying to implement some new rules that did not go over well with my Mom! Ever see an angry Mama bear? They were trying to tell her that I was a big girl and she should wait in the waiting area. Needless to say she went with me and CaraBear had to wait. Nothing went well. They did most of the usual things, except for one. Usually if I had to have three shots of a certian drug they would say"three strikes and your out", and admit me and send me upstairs. This time they only gave me two and then gave me a longer acting version of the drug and discharged me. My Mom asked me if I felt clear and I said, " not really but I'll just do another breathing treatment when I get home". I wanted to get out of there because it was a frustrating visit.

We went home and I did another treatment and we all went to bed. The next thing I know I wake to this pain in my wrists. I open my eyes and someone is poking me with a needle, every 5 minutes, checking my blood gases. I was in the ER in a hospital about 2 miles from my home. There was no time to go to Tinker!
They were planning on intubating me but I came around. (This was the last time I was hospitalized before leaving OKC.)

About an hour or so after we had gotten to bed CaraBear was awakened because something heavy was lying across her body. It was me and she discovered I was having a seizure from lack of oxygen. I had attempted another treatment , my nebulizer machine was on. She immediately did the necessary lifesaving procedures and called 911. She saved my life! If she had not been there that night I would not be here today. No one would have found me until morning. After that I was" glad "Kat got kicked out of school. CaraBear would have just went home as usual.

It was one of those forever bonding experiences and I will love her always! She has been with me for most of the major events in my life. My wedding, the birth of my children, when I was diagnosed with a pitutary tumor and could not function, to name a few. There is never a dull moment at my house!

I Love you CaraBear!

Friday, January 13, 2006


Wednesday night I went to choir at Church. I love choir! We go to a large Chuch and the choir is as big as one of our former Churches. It is kind of a Church within a Church. Anyway I had a great time, learning new music. Music and singing has always been my favorite form of worship.

I got to thinking about why and I think it goes back to when I was young ,like 8 or 9, and my brother and I used to sing and dance around while my Moms Praise albums played. I think she had 2nd Chapter of Acts too. I can't remember them all but it was when contemporary Christian was just beginning. Like 1974or 75. Anyway it was playing alot in our house and at Church and I loved it.

In 1978 we moved to Oregon from California and starting attending a Independent Baptist Chuch (IBC) and suddenly our music was bad and "ungodly". My "friends" couldn't come to my house to play because they might be exposed to my music. I had John Denver and Debbie Boone too. I was invited to their house sometimes and exposed to "good" music, but my house was taboo. I didn't really understand it, but I liked their music too. We were not at that Church very long because we only lived in Oregon for about 6 or7 months.

We moved from Oregon to Idaho, to our family ranch. My Dad commuted from Oregon on the weekends for a few months. He was finishing up his time in the Navy. We lived in a trailer at first while our house was being built. We even lived in a cabin on our property for awhile, with no running water and a wood stove for heat. And we had our music back. The three years we lived in Idaho, before moving yet again, were very special. We lived simply in the country. We went to "town" once a week, we hauled our water and went to a wonderful ,simple country Church.

In 1980 my Dad retired out of the mitlitary. Two years later he wanted to go to Bible college in Oklahoma City OK. He chose OK because my Grandmother was there living alone in a 4 bedroom house and needed someone to be with her. The college he chose was a IB College and Church , stricter than even the Church in Oregon. Anyway our music was again taboo, and to make a long story shorter I was limited in what I could listen to until I moved away from home and then married my husband. At that time he listened to Amy Grant, DeGarmo and Key and Twila Paris.

Whenever I talk about my parents please know that they were and are wonderful!! They were only doing what they were told was better for us. The people that told them that were mistaken. Music did not stop being inspired when the hymns were finished being written! I love the hymns, but there is some wonderful contemporary Christain music out there that cuts deep into the soul and it is lively and fun.

Well thats enough about that. Choir just got me thinking about it. We sing very lively music with a full orchestra and band. Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir is coming to our Church in a few weeks.
I can't go hear them though because it is on a school night and there are too many other things going on.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Who Am I?

Well I'am entering the world of blogging! I don't consider myself to be much of a writer but I will do my best.

Who Am I? I'am first a follower of Jesus! Without that realationship none of my other relationships would be what they are today. Second I'am a wife. I have an incredible husband and we have been married almost 17 yrs! It is through my relationship with my husband and watching him as a father that I have gotten a better picture of my Heavenly Father and what that relationship should be like. I'am also a military wife, my husband is in the Air Force Reserves and has been on full time active duty since July 2001. Since 9/11 they have kept him very busy. I'am thankful though that we have only been seperated 4 mo. during this time. I adore him and love being his wife! His Helpmate!!

Next I'am a mother to 4 great kids! We have 3 boys and a suprise girl. Scott is 13, Michael 11, James 7,and Emily 5. They keep me very busy and I have learned alot from them as I try to be there mother. You acquire a lot of "people skills" raising kids! I 'am also a Medical Assistant (Doctors office Nurse). I have not worked in that capacity for 4 years now but I keep my credentials up and after Emily is in school I will probably work again. I would like to finish getting my RN someday. After my family, nursing is my passion! Maybe it is from being in the hospital so much!

I'am also a friend and I hope I have been a good friend. I have been blessed with good friends wherever we go. Some friendships are for a season, but I know we would connect again easily if we saw eachother, and some friendships are for a life time. My husband is my very best friend, but I have several girlfriends that I consider "lifers". I know they would do anything for me. One even saved my life once, literaly!

I'am also a daughter, sister and sister-in- law, and in those relationships I try and do my best also!

All that I'am and all these "hats" I wear come with a lot of stories. I'am sure these stories will come out as I start blogging.

Monday, January 09, 2006

I did it!

I finally did it! I created my own blog! I have been enjoying reading others blogs and decided to give it a try. I'll post some more later when I have more time. It is at least started!