Friday, May 12, 2006

FSMA Conference

Male readers, you might not find this post interesting- The Florida Society of Medical Assistants coference I attended last weekend had some interesting classes and I was able to earn 10 CEU's.

The one that perked my interest the most was on Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy. The lady that spoke with us is a specialist in this area and has been praticing it for 16 yrs. She got started in this because of her own health issues. She had a hysterectomy at a young age . (She was an EMT and so she had medical training) She litearlly woke up from the surgery in menopause and "was a mess". She wondered why when you have a hysterectomy 3 hormones get taken away from you and they are only replaced by one, Premarin, made from pregnant horse urine. She was basically told, that just the way it is, no real answers. She started researching on how to get all three ( estrogen, progesterone and testosterone) back and in a natural way. A few months after her surgery her Doctor saw her in a store and asked what she had done to herself because she looked great! She explained what she had discovered and he told her he had a woman he had been working with that was not helped by anything he had tried with her. He told her that if she could help this woman she could have a job as a consultanat for his patients. The next day the woman called her. It was the Dr.'s wife! She was able to help her and was hired as a consultant.

Now she does this full time and speaks around the country. She is part of the staff of Signature Pharmacy, here in Florida, but helps people anywhere they are. The hormones are made from wild yams and soy and are bio-identical. Signature Pharmacy is a compounding pharmacy and they are formulated especially for each person. They save the "receipe" for future reference if changes need to be made.

Anyway I am excited about hearing all this. I had heard about it a little bit in the past and was interested because I am afraid of artificial hormones. I think birth control pills are what caused my pitutary tumor that I had. Now that I am 40 and starting to have peri menopausal symptoms I am really interested. I had my consult with her already. She believes getting mine all regulated will help my metabolism also. I'll lose some more wt.!! She says if you suffer any symptoms you can get help even if it is only a small amount.

The web site is and you can read all about it and then just click on the womens consultation form , button. Within 72 hrs. her secretary will call you to set up a telephone consult with Lynne. Her name is Lynne Byron. They accept all insurances and if you don't have insurance they keep the cost low. You do need your Dr. to write a pescription, but she communicates with your Dr. and gives her recommendations.

Anyway I am excited about this! They even have something for the men going through Andropause- yes, guys go through a "change" too!!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Busy life!

Hi All!! I am still here! Some of you have been wondering where I have been. It is just getting a bit busier with the end of the school year activities, field trips, and extra Dr. visits. I had my mammogram and they saw some things they wanted to check out. I have been to the Dr. way too much lately. I have one more test on the 15th, but so far everything is fine. PLT!!

My husband did not get the civilian job in Tampa, but the military says they have more work right here while he keeps looking. He is working LONG hours right now but they are taking good care of him. He goes to Qutar in June for a few weeks for another conference. The next IED conference after that will be right here at MacDill. That will be nice !

The kids only have a few weeks of school left. I am glad , but now I have to find things to keep them busy without spending too much money. It will be more difficult getting my turn on the computer when they are all here all day. Even my 5 year old wants her turn! We have family visiting in June and that will be a wonderful distraction.

Things are going well with eating the IR way! I am starting to let myself get excited that I am finally going to get rid of the extra "baby wt."! I am down 9 lbs since starting early April. Little by little- as long as the number is going down!!

April here in FL is considered the dry month. It has been in the 80's and low 90's and no rain. Our yards all look pretty pitiful. We are only allowed to water 2 days a week. We got a letter the other day from the HA assoc. telling us to work on our lawn so now my son is watering it each night. If someone complains I'll show them the letter. You can't make the lawn look better with out water!!

I am a Medical Assistant, not currently working, and this weekend, Fri-Sat, I am going to the FL Society of Medical Assistants Conference in Orlando. John is taking leave on Friday to take care of the kids and I get to go alone! I will be earning some CEU's and having some Me time. I have not had that since I was alone in the hospital in Germany last year in March. That was quiet, but not fun.

I'll try and get on here more often!