Sunday, April 09, 2006

Here is a quick update. My husband did not get the job in Germany and they decided NOT to send him to Iraq! He is still in the running for a job here in Tampa and we continue to look for jobs to apply for. We saw one in Alaska. That would be a change from sunny Florida! God has a plan! Can't wait to see what it is!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The IR Diet

Yesterday I was talking to a friend at a ladies Bible study I go to. She asked me if I had any prayer needs, so I told her all that was going on with us, job search etc. I also shared with her about my recent diagnosis of Insulin Resistance. She told me she had newly been diagnosed with IR also, by her GYN Dr. He suggested a book that has really helped her. Anyway she told me about the book and I went out and got it as soon as I left the church. It is called The Insulin Resistance Diet, by Cheryle R. Hart M.D. and Mary Kay Grossman R.D. I have almost read the whole book. It is like they were writing about me! There is an Insulin Resistance Self Test in the book that helps with diagnosis.

It is very infromative and teaches you about the Link-and-Balance Eating Method. Each carbohydrate serving of 15 grams needs to be linked with at least 7 grams of protein. A simple formula to keep in mind is- maximum total carbohydrates of 30 grams links and balances with a minimum protein of 14 grams.

The only vegetables that need to be linked are corn and potatoes. Most fruits need to be linked.
Raw fresh apples, and grapefruit do not need to be linked.
No food is totally restricted. You learn what needs to be linked to protein and how much.
I am still reading and learning, but I am hopeful that this is going to be very helpful for me. I have been eating very careful since I found out about IR, but this gives me some tools and a plan. IR will never go totally away for me. It has to be controlled. Anyway I am excited that I may have a way to finally loose this wt. and continue to get heathlier!!

No update on the job situation yet. We are still waiting.