Thursday, January 25, 2007

I'm here!

Just wanted to pop in and say hey to everyone! I am still here but as busy as ever! My husband was gone again this week out of country, but will be home tomorrow. Yea!!! He will just have to recover from jet lag before Monday!

CV blogged about my sister-in-law and I am happy to say she is home and on the road to recovery! It will be slow going, but I called to check on them Tuesday and Jackie answered the phone! That was a neat suprise! She sounded great and a friend was staying with her while her Mom ran some errands and checked on getting her schooling going again. She tells me she has been offered two scholarships. One is a music scholarship at EWU (Eastern Washington University) They want her to play drums. She is very good at drums and the piano. I don't think she will be playing tennis this spring though. She is still not seeing very well yet after surgery, but teachers said her Mom or friends can read her assignments to her and she can dictate answers.

Anyway she is doing well but still needs our prayers!

Life here is as busy as ever but we get a little break tonight. Soccer pratice was cancelled for two of my kids- because of RAIN!! Yea! Much needed rain and cooler temps!! It looks like we will have cooler temps for a week or more. I am liking it! It feels a little like "winter".!

Daddy will be home to help with weekend activities and he is looking forward to it!!

I guess that is it for now. I will try and write more often. I always have good intentions!

Friday, January 05, 2007


Boy was I duped good today!! I am mad and hurt, but calmer now!

I recently decided to look into finding part time work as a Medical Assistant. I have not actively
worked in that role for about 5 yrs., but with our property tax going up 2000.00 dollars this year I am looking for extra income.

Anyway I answered an ad for a Medical Assistant in the paper and faxed them my resume and cover letter on Monday. Yesterday they called and said they were an ENT , cosmetic surgery office, and set up an interview for today.

To make a long story short, I arrived at the address given to me and it was a freaken STRIP CLUB!!! I immediately left and called my hubby in tears.

He could only talk to me because he is still in SC, BUT he comes home tomorrow!! Yea!
There is nothing we can really do about it except call and complain to the newspaper so they can cancel the ad. Anyway I have wasted a big chunk of my day on this!!

Aside from that the New Year is going well so far. We had a wonderful time with my husband in SC during Christmas break and made it home safe and sound after buying two new tires. He comes home tomorrow and we can get back to "normal"family life. He is applying for jobs in the beautiful NW (Washington and Oregon) in hopes of moving back closer to family and the wonderful mountains. He has been applying all along but there are a couple of good prespects right now.

Well I guess I am done venting!!