Friday, September 08, 2006


I thought I would show off some pics of my "little " cadet. Scott is a freshman in HS and participates in JR ROTC.

I am not the greatest picture taker. Too bad Auntie CV is not here!

Anyway he is handsome Cadet and I am proud of him!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

"I'm Already There"

Feeling a little melancoly today. My hubby is gone for awhile.

We did get to see him this weekend though. Saturday was our anniversary, 17 yrs! I can't believe it! Johns brother lives in Jacksonville FL and Jacksonville is the half way point between home and where John is in Sumter SC. We had a nice weekend together just hanging out with family.

On his way back to SC my husband heard the song ,"I'm Already There", by Lonestar, on the radio. I have heard it before but I don't think he had. Anyway that song always "gets" me even if John is not away and it really "got" him too. He sent me a sweet e-mail with a link to it so I can hear it whenever I want. I have the CD but it is in storage, just like everything else.

For those who would like to hear it again or hear it for the first time , here is the link

Be sure to have a tissue handy!