Tuesday, June 19, 2007

In His TIme

The other interview John was hoping for did not come through. It is disappointing, but we know that it means God has something different for us. In His time we will know what it is! It is hard waiting , but God has been so faithful in the past and we are trusting in that!

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Surgery went well and I am starting to feel almost normal. Still tired some. The surgeon said this surgery was not as involved as the one last year. I am not really having much pain, so I don't need the vicodin they gave me.

John is home safe from his interview. He feels he did very well , but says the competition are great canidates also. There were 5 of them altogether. They said they would tell him by Friday, So we are anxiously waiting to see if he got the job.

More later!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Jackie and Grandpa

This is a picture of Jackie, who was in the sledding accident earlier this year, on her graduation day. This is not a good quality picture, but she looked beautiful!! She will be attending college at PLU after spending some of the summer working in Alaska.

Pictured with her are her and Johns grandparents. Grampa and Gramma had a wonderful day that day too! Jackies older sister had brought them over from Auburn WA for the event. Grampa and Gramma are 94, they looked wonderful !! Sadly the morning after this was taken Grampa passed away.
We miss him very much but he was surrounded with family and left this world realitively peacefully. He lived a long and wonderful life and was a sharp as ever !! We Love you Grampa!!
Gramma and Grampa would have celebrated their 68th anniversary this year! They are amazing!

Possible job

Just a quick update! My husband has a job interview in Walla Walla, WA on tuesday!!! Unfortunately this is the same day I am having some breast surgery, but I told him to go anyway. My sister-in-law, that happens to be in the area visiting her son, is going to stay long enough to go to the hospital with me. I had this same surgery last year on the other side so I know what to expect and everything should be fine. Nothing bad is going on in there, they are just being cautious so nothing does.

There is someone that is intrested in the house too. Hopefully that wil come through! PRAY!!