Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Dead Computer!

I am posting this from the library! My computer is down and is at the "doctor". So I will be away for awhile. I don't get into town to the library very often. I'll "see" you all soon!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Beautiful Day!

Today is just so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes!! I took some pictures to share with you.
This is my Lilac bush that is almost to full bloom. The birdhouse is attached to my clothes line.
I was able to hang out all of my laundry today. It is going to smell soooo good!!

After I hung out the wash I went for a walk on the beach and took some pictures of the view. I even sat and called a friend on my cell phone. I get reception down at the beach but not at home.

It is just really nice here today! Just the right temperature, around 70. I think it is supposed to be nice all weekend!

FUN puzzle

Here is a fun puzzle and it works!!!!

Work this out -- it is fun and 100% accurate.
>>> Don't tell me your age;you probably would tell a falsehood anyway-but
>>> your waiter may know!
>>> This is pretty neat
>>> It takes less than a minute. Work this out as you read .
>>> Be sure you don't read the bottom until you've worked it out!
>>> This is not one of those waste of time things, it's fun.
>>> 1. First of all, pick the number of times a week that you would like to
>>> go out to eat.
>>> (more than once but less than 10)
>>> 2. Multiply this number by 2 (just tobe bold)
>>> 3. Add 5
>>> 4. Multiply it by 50
>>> 5. If you have already had your birthday this year add 1758...
>>> If you haven't, add 1757.
>>> 6.. Now subtract the four digit yearthat you were born.
>>> You should have a three digit number
>>> The first digit of this was your original number. (I.e., How many times
>>> you want to go out to restaurants in a week.)
>>> The next two numbers are
>>> YOUR AGE ! ------ (Oh YES, it is!)
>>> �
>>> �

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Pastor Pollock

I posted earlier about Pastor Pollock and the deleated it. Pastor Forrest and his son Preston did not survive the crash. Please keep his wife Dawn and their other five children in your prayers.

He was a wonderful man ,very talented but humble. He will be missed greatly, as will his son. I'am at a loss for words. I still can't believe it.

Here is the recent post from the web site.

We regret to inform you, our church family, that at approximately 11 AM this morning we learned that search and rescue teams found the aircraft of Pastor Forrest Pollock in the mountains outside of Asheville, North Carolina. Pastor Pollock, 44 and his son Preston, 13, did not survive the crash. Please continue to lift up Dawn and the children during this difficult time. We grieve with hope and assurance that our Lord Jesus will lead us and carry us through these difficult times. We have lost a great brother, pastor and friend in Forrest Pollock as well as a precious little brother in Christ, Preston Pollock. We owe a great thanks to those who risked their lives, endured extreme hardship, and worked non-stop in the attempt to rescue our pastor and his son.

"For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord." Romans 8:38-39

Monday, May 05, 2008

Scotts story

I found out the story he submitted was one he orignally wrote 2 years ago when he was in 8th grade. He had a writing assignment in English. He was given an illustration with the caption "Another Place, Another Place",written under the picture. The picture was of 4 kids on a rail road hand car that had a sail. In the distance down the track was a castle. They said it did not need to be a new story, just one he had written so he submitted it. I posted it on my blog back then. Here it is again! Enjoy!!

Another Place, Another Time

He lived in the town of Blandington. In Blandington, everyone and everything was the same. The males of the little town all wore berets when ever they were out-doors, and had short-cut hair, and wore slacks with white button-up shirts, always tucked in. Every female wore the same exact modest, rather dull looking dress, and their hair was neatly trimmed above the shoulders. If anyone in Blandington had ever asked anyone else the word “individuality” meant, they would promptly be directed to the nearest dictionary, and even then not find a definition. This was just the way things were in Blandington.He wanted out. His name was Quentin. He knew that somehow, somewhere, there had to be a beyond, something outside of Blandington. You see, Quentin was like any other person in Blandington. His hair was short, he wore a beret at all times when he went out-doors, had short-cut hair, and wore slacks with white button-up shirts, always tucked in. He even pressed his slacks regularly, which was more than most boys his age did. And he never went anywhere without his beret. But despite his obedience to all the recognized protocols and dress codes, Quentin, though a mere boy of thirteen, was a free thinker.His best friend was a girl his age named Priscilla. Priscilla also followed the protocols and dress codes, and she also cared for Quentin. Though she did care for Quentin, she thought he was a pretty strange kid. And he was.Quentin heartily agreed with this statement, for Priscilla had told him this many times before. There was still one thing though, that Quentin thought himself, and that was this: through the heart of Blandington, there ran a set of railroad tracks. It merely sat there, and no one had ever seen any thing or anyone come down it, nor did they wonder…except for Quentin. One night, Quentin made up his mind to follow the tracks, wherever they may lead.“Come with me,” he said to Priscilla, who was staring at him in bewilderment, as he stood outside her bedroom window.“Why?” asked Priscilla, baffled.“Haven’t you ever wondered what those tracks are for, what travels on it, what’s at the end?” interrogated Quentin, nearly hysterical with excitement.“Quentin, it’s 11:23 at night. You’re breaking curfew! Maybe tomorrow. I have to sleep.”Quentin stared her down.“Oh, fine!” said Priscilla, giving in. “I’ll come.”Priscilla was outside with Quentin within ten minutes. It was only a two minute walk to the tracks. And so their journey began.They had been walking for about 24 minutes, and hadn’t even gotten all the way out of the town. Quentin looked at his wrist-watch. Almost midnight. He had heard many different stories about special things happening at midnight. He also knew that there was something special about these tracks.“Quentin, we should turn back. If we’ve walked for this long and haven’t gotten anywhere, what makes you think that there is anything at the end of this track?” asked Priscilla, beginning to tire of this late-night stroll.“Priscilla, tell me something,” said Quentin, patiently.“Okay,” said Priscilla, somewhat meekly.“Have you ever seen that house before? That one, with the barber’s markings?”“No, I don’t think so. The barber that we go to has different markings on it, but so what?” asked Priscilla, her interest somewhat piqued.“Well, if we haven’t gone very far yet and we already see something new, just think what all we could find at the end of the track!” elaborated Quentin. “Besides, I’ve heard that at midnight, special things happen.”Almost as if on cue, Quentin saw a dim light behind them, rapidly growing brighter. Quentin quickly pulled himself and Priscilla off the track. The light’s speed began to slow down and revealed a small sail-driven railroad car, carrying a boy that appeared to be a little older than Quentin’s and that wore a sailor’s outfit, as well as another, slightly younger looking black-skinned boy wearing a bowler. Quentin and Priscilla had never before seen anyone with black skin.“Evening folks!” greeted the boy in the sailor’s outfit. “Where are you headed?”Stammering slightly, Quentin replied, “W-we’re trying to get to the end of this track.”“Is there an end?” inquired Priscilla skeptically.“Well of course it has an end!” replied the sailor boy jovially. “But you’ll never get there by foot. Climb aboard my car with me, I’ll take you there.”Quentin eagerly climbed onto the car, pulling the measurably less enthused Priscilla behind him.“You folks comfortable? Good, good. Full speed ahead, Jojo,” said the Sailor boy referring to the black boy at the front of the cart.“Yessir!” replied Jojo enthusiastically, with a grin across his face. With out so much as a breeze, the sail seemed to drift forward as though filled with wind. They were off.“Hang onto your beret, Quentin!” said the young sailor excitedly.“How did you know my name?” asked Quentin, bewildered. “And what’s your name? And how did that kid make the sail fill?”“Ha ha ha!” chuckled the sailor boy. “I’ve been told all about you. You’ve been expected for a long while now. And, how rude of me to not introduce myself. My name is John. And Jojo there is able to fill the sail simply because he is different and takes pride in it. I wouldn’t be surprised if you could fill the sail yourself.”“And who might you be, miss?” asked John, addressing Priscilla.Priscilla looked at John strangely. “Why don’t you know my name?” asked Priscilla.“I’m not sure. I guess you just weren’t…expected,” said John with a slightly worried, forced smile upon his face. “Let’s press on then, shall we?” The cart continued to roll along with great speed.Before long, the houses seemed to simply melt away. Soon there was nothing anywhere in sight but the track on which the foursome traveled, as well as something neither Quentin nor Priscilla had ever seen or even heard of before: the sea.Quentin could only stare in awe at the sea. He had been traveling for an hour and a half now and already, he was finding more than he ever expected. He couldn’t wait to see the end of the track, and possibly find out why Blandington was so, well, bland. And finally, why none other than himself had ever even wondered about the track. If there was an answer, he knew he’d find it there.The car had been moving swiftly now for hours, and still, the sea and the track stretched as far as the eye could see. Priscilla had long lost interest in the sea at this point, and she was beginning to get impatient.“Are we there yet?” she whined, shortly.“You jus’ gotta have patience, ma’am,” said Jojo, eyes never straying from their course.“But we’ve been traveling for hours and have gotten nowhere fast!” snapped Priscilla, still uncomfortable with Jojo’s diversity.“He’s right, though Priscilla,” said John, in his calm, ever cheery tone. He thought for a moment. Then, speaking to Jojo, “Stop the car.”The car slowed down as the sail deflated and finally came to a halt.“Wait, why are you stopping?” asked Quentin, a hint off worry in his voice.“Don’t worry, we’ll be off again before you know it,” John reassured Quentin. “Just as soon as Priscilla fills the sail again. Go ahead, Priscilla. Fill the sail”Jojo moved over and took Priscilla’s seat. Quentin was feeling a little edgy.Priscilla sat where Jojo had just been and set about filling the sail. She sat there for five minutes, willing the sail to fill with the invisible breeze. Nothing happened. Quentin took a peek at his wristwatch. Five more minutes passed. Still nothing.“Why can’t I do it?” demanded Priscilla.“Because you do not truly believe that it’s possible,” explained John, who knew exactly why. “You do not even believe that there is an end of this track to get to. You still don’t wonder about this very track on which you have been traveling for the past few hours. You were correct in saying that we’ve been getting nowhere fast. And you are the reason for that. We were not expecting you. You were never meant to travel to the end of the track. You were not born with your eyes open. This is where your journey ends.”Just then, the sea began to bubble and froth.Quentin understood what must happen, and why. He would miss Priscilla, but not as much as he thought he might. He realized that she did not belong.The water’s bubbling and frothing began to get more violent.Quentin said his final goodbyes to Priscilla. He would never see her again.The water pulled back and began to curl, forming the beginnings of a wave.Priscilla could only stare in horror. She did not quite grasp that the wave was meant to take her away, or why. She glanced at John, and then at Quentin, imploringly. John only gazed at the wave, waiting for it to carry out its purpose.The great wave crashed over the car. It pulled back out as quickly as an eagle who had just snatched up its prey. When the wave was gone, so was Priscilla.Quentin, John and Jojo were still as dry as a bone.“Well then” said John, breaking the silence. “Shall we press on?”Quentin, immediately picking his spirits back up, “Yes, let’s keep going! I want to reach the end of the track, with or without Priscilla.”“That’s the spirit!” encouraged John. “She was only slowing you down. If she had remained, you would have lost any chance of getting to the other end. She did not believe, nor does any was else back in Blandington.”Jojo began moving up to his place at the front to fill the sail.“Wait!” yelled Quentin, stopping him before he could even sit down. “I would like to fill the sail.”Jojo looked back at John, who nodded in consent. Jojo gladly stood aside and took a seat next to Quentin. Quentin eagerly sat in the drivers seat.With barely any effort at all, Quentin filled the sail with the invisible breeze. The car took off so fast that John was knocked off his feet into his seat.John was amazed at the speed that Quentin was able to create. He had never been able to make the car move at this kind of speed before.Quentin could only grin with delight. He had already forgotten about Priscilla. Within a very short time, Quentin could see a castle off in the distance.“What’s that?” he asked John.“That, Quentin, is the other end of the track. The other end of the track is not only in another place, but another time.” replied John.Quentin grinned and turned his gaze toward his wristwatch. It no longer ticked. Here there was no time. He was finally on his way. He had all the time in the world.

My Writer!!

I have to brag again about my son Scott!!
I was just reading the weekly Oak Harbor school district breifs and saw this:

WIWA Announces Contest Winners Oak Harbor student writers did well in the annual Whidbey Island WritersAssociation (WIWA) 2008 writing contest for middle school and highschools. Awards were made in poetry, fiction, and non-fiction. Winningsubmissions are displayed in a special binder at each Sno-Isle Library.Oak Harbor winners included: Grades 9 through 12: Fiction - 1st SCOTT McPHERSON (OHHS), 3rd Cristin Lode (OHHS). Non-fiction - 1st Adrianna Royal (Home Connection) Poetry - 1st Samantha Beville (OHHS), 2nd Adrianna Royal (HomeConnection), 3rd William Hammond (OHHS), HM Meijiao Jachning (OHHS).

I did not even know he was entered in a contest!! I wonder if he knows, he has not said anything! I'll surely be asking questions tonight!!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Birthday boys!

This weekend we celebrated John and James birthdays! We celebrated Johns today, this is his b-day. He likes pie alot so I made him a berry pie with 4 different berries in it, The first time I celebrated Johns birthday with him we were dating and he was turning 25. I can't believe it has been 20 yrs already!!!! I was living with my aunt at the time and she let me make him dinner. I made Chicken Cacciatore from a recipe I found in a magazine. I still have the magazine. We had only known each other a few months and this was the first time I had cooked for him and I was nervous. He kept the conversation going at dinner by telling me ALL about Robert the Bruce. Yawn!! ( I still tease him about that sometimes) He loves Robert the Bruce and William Wallace and after 20 years I have grown to enjoy hearing ALL about them. Brave Heart is one of my favorite movies!

Saturday my sister-in-law and her kids came to help celebrate James birthday.
Ten years ago Jamesy boy came into this world lickey split,- when he decided to come! Auntie Cara came to be with me because we thought it would be anytime! After spending a long weekend with me and at least 2 false alarms she had to go home on a Monday. She went with me to take Scottie to Kindergarten and then had to leave. She said her cell phone battery was dead so I could not call her. Anyway after she was gone I went to get the oil changed in our car. (everyone else was asleep at home because they had been with me at the hospital till 3 am and I was not tired anymore so I thought lets get the oil changed) While I was waiting for the car the pains started up again. Not too regular though. I went home and even went back to get Scott when he got out of school at 11:30. After I got home with Scott the pains got really hard and my Mom rushed me back to the hospital. Anyway James was here by 2 pm. He came very fast! John almost did not make it to the hospital. Auntie Cara was very sad she missed it! Anyway James has not slowed down!! He is a very sweet ,busy boy and I can't believe he is 10!!!
Here is my sister-in-law , my kids, and the cousins! It is so nice being closer to family again!!!