Friday, September 19, 2008

Life gets busy!

Hi all!! I am still here!! Let me say first if all that, I Love my job!! Working again has made life busier and more challenging, but I love being back in the medical world and helping people!! Figuring out how to get everything done at home is a trick, but I am getting a system worked out.

Two of our boys started soccer and are really happy about it, but that too adds to the busyness around here! It also makes for more expense because a lot of their games are off the island. (good thing I am working now!) So more driving and gas, but the boys are enjoying it and they needed that outlet AND we enjoy watching them!

Awhile back Cara did a family photo shoot for us! She did an AWESOME job! I know she shared some on her blog, but I wanted to share some more. I have them in my computer now!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

For Sandra and Baby Hayden!

A baby boy
Author: Unknown

A baby boy was created

by the hand of God above

to give the world the sweetest touch

of tenderness and love.

With the softness of a whisper,God made a baby's skin

and then designed two trusting eyes

to put the starlight in.With giggles from a waterfall

and breezes passing by,God made a baby's laughter

and a tiny, sleepy sigh.

God made the world a precious gift

more dear and pure than gold,with little toes to play with and tiny hands to hold

then brought into the sunshine a precious baby boy

All wrapped up in a rainbow of wonder, hope, and joy.

-unknown author

Congratulations on the upcoming arrival of Hayden!!! Can't wait to see what this little man looks like!! I 'am still deciding on your gift! Please e-mail me your address!

You are a great Mom and you are really going to enjoy having a boy!!

Love Cheri