Friday, July 31, 2009

Buds since birth!

The ferry ride picture I put up in my last post was taken when we were crossing over to Seattle on the way to Ellensburg WA, the weekend before last. Ellensburg is where we lived when we were first married and two of our kids were born there. We went to go to a going away party for our friend Logan. He left for the Army. Logans mom Kim was my babysitter for the boys when I was working. She is like their second mom in some ways. Anyway we have been friends with this awesome family since before John and I were married. We all had abaies around the same time! At the party we were able to see many people we have not seen in a long time! This is Kevin, Scott ,and Logan! Logan is the oldest of the three and they have know each other since birth.
Scott , Logan, and Logans girlfriend.

Scott and Kevin jammin in Logans room!

More jammin!!!!
It was a fun visit! Sunday we went to our old church and saw MORE people we had not seen in many years. Most were amazed by the change in Scott!! Some had not seen him since he was four!


We have had visitors since the first day we moved in here! It has been wonderful seeing family and friends! One of our visitors was Michaels best friend Aaron. He came to visit for about 8 days from North Carolina. He loved our non-humid weather and when the heat started before he left he said it was nothing compared to his summer weather in NC! Here they are on the ferry to Seattle.

Of course we HAD to take him back to the island to see "our" lambs!!! That is Vicky standing by Michael and our old house is in the background. It is very brown there right now!

Here they are in front of our new house. It is green here!!! Our most recent visitors from last weekend were my brother Monty and his wife Jackie and their girls. Katee, my brother Chips daughter, was here also!! Jackie came to help me paint- her birthday present!! Yes, she wanted to paint and see us for her birthday!! Katee was here for some driving lessons from Uncle John. Here are all the kids at dinner one night!

Here is a picture of the on a "finished" part of the deck! Great group of kids!! Katee and Scott will both be seniors this year!! I can't believe it!

Family is awesome!!!


Here are some recent pictures of the deck project! I "love " how these load in reverse order! The two bottom pictures are of the sides that were "finished". How ever when they got to the main part of the deck it was worse than they thought so I think some of this may have to be redone. Especially on the west end of the deck. They had to tear the railing off that side and as you can see there is not much left of the main part. When I open my door it is a long drop down!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Catch Up!!

Hi all!! It has been way too long since my last post. Life has been busy! We are now moved, yet again, to our new place!

I wish I knew how to post pictures on here better!

We have had some drama with the move but things are calming down!! The very first day we were here the refridgerator died and the a few days later the washer died also. THEN right after that we started having some flooding in the laundry room and part of Michaels room. It got his new carpet wet. To make a long story short, there is a drain in the floor that is under Michaels carpet. We found out after a search that this drain was backing up when we showered or ran the dishwasher, basically when we were using alot of water at once. The septic was WAY over full and there was no where for the water to go!! SO after all that, we have a new fridge, new washer, pumped out septic, and clean and disinfected carpet!!!

The other project going on is replacement of the deck. It was supposed to be done before we moved in and they have finally started! It will be really nice when it is done!

The pictures show a shot of the front of the house, some young deer that have visited us already, (they were enjoying my apples, roses and wild strawberries) James showing Grandpa how to play the Wii, ( my parents came to help with moving in) and a picture of the dismanteling of the deck. Anyway enjoy! I will try and post more often!!