Thursday, February 21, 2008


I did say I wanted my STUFF from storage, didn't I!? It has been there for 3 1/2 yrs. and there were a lot of things I was missing. Sentimental things. These are just pictures of the boxes. I did not quite realize how overwhelming this would be. I open the boxes and look at the stuff and have all kinds of reactions. Like" I didn't know I had that" and even a few "I have never seen that before"! There were a lot of awww's when I got to pictures of my children. There are things that were very precious to me and now with some of it I am like ,"What was I thinking?" A lot of it has to go! I am going to have to have a huge garage sale. Maybe more than one! These boxes mostly have books in them. We love books! Needless to say they were part of the cause for the heavy weight of our shipment. (11,000 lbs) ugh!!
There are a lot of clothes in these boxes too. My oldest son was 5'5" when these things went into storage and now he is 6'1". I am pretty sure his clothes will not fit!!
Clothes!! We never dreamed all this would stay in storage so long. We left EVERYTHING when we went to be with John in Germany. back in 04. All we took was 9 suitcaes of things we thought we could not live without. Pray for me as I wade through all this. I really need to let a lot of it go.

CV was with me when it all arrived. She was such a help and a big moral support!!! She is the BEST!!!