Sunday, December 03, 2006

School Projects

This weekend we have been working on finishing some school projects!

Scott (14) had to build a model of a molecule for science. He built Potassuim (K) .

Michael (11) had to read a book on how to do something and then do it. He chose model ship building and he built an air craft carrier.

James (8) had to do a science "research" project. He did an experiment to see which brand of toy car was the fastest. He chose the same make of car , a Ford GT-40, and tested 3 brands, Johnny Lighting, Match Box and Hot Wheels. Johnny Lighting won! He predicted Hot Wheels would win.

The pictures did not post where I wanted them to , but I am sure you can figure out which picture goes with which project. It was alot of work but fun also! We e-mailed Daddy pictures of the finished projects. We sure miss him, but we have only about a month to go!!! During Christmas break we will be able to go and see him for awhile! Can't wait!!!!

I am still here! Just been very busy with life! In case I do not get on here again before Christmas, MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!