Thursday, August 14, 2008

Random FUN!

I got a funny idea off a blog I read and decided to post it. You should try this for a good laugh. You just google your first name and then "needs". Then see what you come up with. It's for REAL what I came up with...

1. Cheri needs fluency..... probably in communicating to my kids (and hubby)!! Sometimes I think I am speaking another language!

2. Cheri needs positive thoughts today..... We all could use those!!

3. Cheri needs a good nights sleep....... Always!!! There are these "little" munchkins that "appear" in our bed, that are not so little any more and take up way more space than they used too and I wake up to send them back to their bed. Somehow they are back in the morning!!

4. Cheri needs volunteers..... Another thing we could all use!! How about one to watch my kids so I can run away with my hubby for a day and night!

5. Cheri updated Cheri's needs..... Did I?? They don't change much! I needed a job and got it!

6.Cheri needs to find another lable soon...... Hmmm? I did just add the lable of Medical Assistant recently and today was called "Lovely MA" at work!

7. Cheri needs to change her image...... Into what ? I'll have to think on that!

8. Cheri needs to only to cover the cost of shipping food... How about the cost of paying for food and driving it home!! The new job will help with that!!

9. Cheri needs the same connection they do.... I wonder what kind of connection? My cell phone could use better connection sometimes!

10. Cheri needs for a medication that slows progression..... Alot of things come to mind here! What would you like to slow the progression of?

11. Cheri needs to do some facial exercises.... Hmmm! It take more muscles to frown. I don't want to be doing that!

There you go!! Now try your name! I was fun!

So far work is going very well!! The lead MA is on vacation this week and I was left " alone" on Tuesday and Thursday! It sure helps to learn how things work in our office and I think I did pretty well. There was only one provider today so it was quieter and I stocked all the patient rooms. I had to go on a hunt to find things but I think I got it done. I'll have to ask my co-worker tomorrow how I did.

Looking forward to the weekend!!

Friday, August 01, 2008


The big news here today is, I got a job!!! I have been "sorta" looking for awhile and the one that I think will work was offered to me today.

I was offered a job a few weeks ago, but the hours were not right. They wanted me to work 7 am- 6 pm 4 days a week. I felt that was a bit much to jump into from having not worked outside the home for 7 yrs. I also want to be here in the morning to send the kids off to school. They do not really have much of a memory of me working outside the home. When I did Grandma was there or their "Aunt" Kim or Daddy. Any way this will be a big change, but we could use the extra income and like I have said before when the kids are all at school I really get lonley here alone at home. I also LOVE being a Medical Assistant and am excited to get back into it!! I am nervous too, but one of the PA's I will be working for confided to me that I have more experience than any of their Medical Assistants currently employed there. Everyone was very nice and I hope I will be a good addition to their team.

The job I was offered will be in an Internal Medicen clinic working for one Dr. and two PA's. I will work Mon- Thur 8:30- 5. I start next Tuesday. It would have been Monday but the boys trip to help Auntie Awesome has turned into a family affair. We all wanted to see Cara and she says she could use my help too. I sure hope so , she does sooo much for us, I would like to give back!!!
Anyway we are excited to see her on Monday and then I start the new job on Tuesday.

My two older boys are going to watch the two younger kids while I work until school starts. I am going to pay them to make it worth their while and seem more like a job. They both are wanting to earn money. John will also be home just after 4 in the afternoon too.

Well I guess I have rambled on enough about that! Think of me Tuesday!! I will be nervous, but I am very excited!!