Tuesday, March 17, 2009

March Happenings

I ment for this to post before the St. Pattys post, opps!! The first weekend of this month we went to Elizabeths and helped celebrate Destinees 14th birthday. We had a good time! She had us play a few fun games!

Sorry about the order of the photos! I have not mastered this!

Happy St. Patricks Day !

Happy St. Patricks Day!! We had a nice time this past weekend ! We celebrated Johns Grammas birthday. She turned 96!! Since there are several March birthdays and our family has an Irish heritage we celebrated St. Patricks Day also. Here is a family shot of Gramma , Dad , Joyce, Sean, Jackie, Johns other sister Susan, and our family. There were more family present that are not in the picture, but we wanted a picture with Dad since we are not all together very often. Susan lives in Indiana. Johns Dad is still battling cancer.

Here are pictures of twin lambs that were born Saturday while we were gone. They are so cute and tiny!! Spring may really be coming!

Tonight I am making corned beef and cabbage for dinner! I am really loking forward to it and my family even likes it!!