Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Job Hunt!

Our first open house is this weekend, hopefully it will bring people in. The market is slow here as I am sure it is in a lot of places!

My husband found out last week that Admiral Fallon wants to cut back CENTCOM staff by 1/3 and so my husbands job may end sooner than we anticipated. (CENTCOM is the headquaters for the war) He wants it completed by May of next year and the reservists are one of the first ones he wants to cut. So as tours end jobs will go away. Anyway my hubby is more determined than ever to get a civilian job. He is in for several. Most are in the NW where we want to be. Please pray one comes through at the right time!! This is all weighing very heavy on my husband right now and he is the most stressed I have ever seen him in 18 yrs. of marriage. Pray also that I am the helpmate he needs! The "therapist" as Sandy put it in a post. We need the house to sell too so we can move easily if a job comes through.

Thanks in advance for thinking of us!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

House for sale!

Hi All! It has been awhile! Well we put our house on the market! My husbands days doing AF military tours may be coming to an end and we want to be ready to be able to move should that happen or the coveted civilian job comes through! Here are some pictures of what I did to the house to get it ready for showing. We are now trying to survive in a "Sears Catalog"! LOL!!