Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Anniversary Getaway

We had a wonderful weekend getaway, in Idaho and Montana, to celebrate our upcoming 20th anniversary! It was beautiful and relaxing!! We sure would love to move back up there someday!! This is me in front of the church where we were married. It is in Hope ID, across the road from Lake Pend Oreille.
John in front of the church.

This is the house we stayed in on the property of a future Bible camp and retreat that is located in Montana.

This is the lake down behinsd the house. This was taken looking back across at the house.
This is the barn on our former ranch in Idaho where John proposed to me!
This was our family home. We built this in 1979.

Our house again. We had 40 acers. I really miss this place!! It was so wonderful getting back up there again and just exploring!! Enjoy!

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Sandra said...

Happy 20th Anniversary!!! Your trip looks like it was amazing!