Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Wt Loss Finally!

I have not posted on here in forever, but I want to today!!

I go to a group called TOPS (Take off Pounds Sensibly) every week. I went because a new friend invited me and I thought some accountability would help me lose weight. Anyway I have been going there since the beginning of March. I think some of the ladies come just because it is something to do , but some are serious and many of them have been coming for years! There are some sweet ladies that have reached goal and come to encourage others. TOPS does not really give you a specific plan to follow, just suggestions and friends to encourage you on your journey. I needed the accountability of stepping on the scale for someone. It has been nice to go with my friend and meet new people but I have had to figure out a "plan" on my own.

Another friend from Whidbey Island had told me about a web site called Spark over a year ago but I did not really get into it . She has lost 75 pounds using the tools on Spark People! I decided to check it out again and it has been a wonderful tool for me also! I signed up on the site on April 8th and have so far lost 9.7 pounds. I had lost some weight already having joined TOPS on March 10th. I have lost a total of almost 14 lbs. I think it has gone better using Spark People and I really enjoy it! It is keeping me focused and is easy to use. AND it is free ! You sign up with just a user name and password. You tell them your goals and they set up a meal plan for you based on your calorie range. If I do not like on of the choices on my plan for the day I can click on the food and a list of alternate choices pops up that I can replace it with. No food is totally taboo and there are no "special" foods to buy, it is all about the calories . There is also a fitness tab where you can track exercise and how many calories you burned. It has just really worked well for me! I'm excited to see what more I can do!

Just thought I'd share! I'm a bit excited today because when I weighed in this morning there was a 6 pound loss!! Off for a walk now!!

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Cara said...

That's wonderful~ I've heard of TOPS, and lots of good things about it!