Thursday, August 26, 2010

Long Overdue Update

This update is long overdue!! I started typing it a few weeks ago and then it disappeared on me somehow- I gave up! Anyway I will try again!!

Boy ,the summer has sure flown by!! I have been at my job about 3 months now. I 'am still loving it very much!! I have been working pretty much full time. When they hired me they said I would work up to full time but instead I jumped right in and have been going strong. Lately though due to Dr's much needed vacations and patient numbers being down, my hours are being cut some- almost to part time. While I like the money that comes with full time, it is nice being home with the kids more especially while they are getting ready to go back to school. I was able to take Michael to the HS and get his schedule changed and will be off on the first day of school. I like to take the kids to school especially the younger two. So it is nice. I do not know how long it will last. I 'am just so thankful for a job doing something I love! I'll take any hours I can get as long as I can keep my job!

Scott, our graduate, just finished a summer school course at the community college. He took a statistics class. He is hoping that is the last math class he will have to take in his college career. He as a job that he is really enjoying and will start fall classes on 23 Sept. He has been working on his music quite a bit and has written one song that I especially love. He has also been a help driving us places. We have had some major car problems that are not over yet. We need a mechanic in the family that lives close by! :0) We can't buy a new car so we have to keep this one running.

Michael has had a pretty laid back summer. He traveled in July to visit his BF in North Carolina and had a great time! He has also had some lawn jobs and earned a good bit of money. He was the family navigator for relatives visiting this summer while was working. Cross Country practice has started. I think he is going to have some good times this year! He is a great runner! He is also pleased with the new class schedule we got for him the other day. Michael will be a Sophmore this year!

James is our sweet techy! He has had fun playing in the neighborhood but you mostly find him at the computer. He has also enjoyed going to the pool almost daily for most of the summer. He has helped us navigate the new computer Aunt Cara and Uncle Craig passed down to us. It is awesome having a Mac!!! Thank-you CV 2!!!! James will be in 7th grade this year!

Emily has done a lot of playing out side with friends and really enjoyed time at the pool! She has also started cooking some on her own. She made some great cookies last night all by herself!!! Emily will be a 4th grader! I can't believe how all my kids are growing up!! Time seems to be flying faster the older I get!!

My sweet hubby has been a big help around the house with me working so much. He mostly cleans the kitchen each night- a BIG blessing!! He is loving his job and is looking for more challenges. He has started to finally work on his writing. I have been after him to write a book- or something!! We will celebrate our 21st anniversary on September 2nd!! He is such a gift!!

My cousin Christine spent 6 wks of the summer with us to help with the younger two kids. After she left my parents arrived for a 2 week visit. Since they went home Scott and Michael have been helping with their siblings. Having my hours changed at worked has helped too. School starts September 1st.

Well I guess that is our update. We have been enjoying some beautiful weather. I feel fall coming though!
Hope all is well with everyone!!


Cara said...

It's great to see your update, and I'm overjoyed to be a part of your life!

Ma Ingalls with ADHD said...

good to see some news!!!!

Sandra said...

Wonderful update! It sounds like life is going very well. I'm glad you like your job and are happy!