Monday, November 12, 2012

Fall 2012

My how time flies!!  I was thinking about this blog  and came to look at it and was surprised at how much time has gone by.  Life is moving fast!!

Everything is going pretty well in the McPherson household...  about time for an update!

Scott , our oldest man "child" is 20 and is waiting to see if her will be going into the Air Force.
While he is waiting he works as a Certified Nurse Assistant at a local assisted living, nursing rehabilitation facility. He enjoys his work and has been able to get some money saved.  He is also betrothed to his lovely Anna and, if they have their way, will be getting married the end of December.
They are preparing but it all depends on what will happen with the Air Force. We are so proud of the
man he is becoming. He has grown in so may ways and definitely has his ideas and opinions about life.

Michael is a senior at North Kitsap High School..... Wow, already!  He has applied for an Air Force ROTC scholarship and would like to attend college at Central Washington University in Ellensburg Washington, the town of his birth.  He is doing great in school! He was the Cross Country team manager this fall after a stress fracture to his right ankle kept him from running.

James is a freshman at  NKHS..... another Wow!  He just finished his marching band competition season.  They did very well!  We are so proud of his attitude and his dedication to the program. The kids really put in a lot of time during marching band season!! Very impressive! He is also doing great in school! In his spare time he loves playing Mind Craft or another  complicated game..

Now to our Emily!! Our girl!  She just turned 12 and is very much a preteen in every way. She is in the 6 th grade and is also doing great in school. We are so blessed!! Emily is our math wiz. She scored a perfect score on her 5th grade math assessment and in taking 7th grade math in school.  She continues to play the violin and is doing very well.

John and I both love our jobs!! I work full time in our Kitsap Pulmonary and Sleepm, Poulsbo office. It takes me about 2 min to get to work. I have a great co-worker that has been with us for over a year now. All my co-workers are wonderful!  Johns job may "go away" in January unless our government can stop the sequestration that will happen January 1st.  He is applying for jobs just in case but we are hopeful they will come up with some kind of compromise. He loves his current job and does very important things for our country!  We are trying not to stress about it but focus on our many blessings.
God is faithful and has never let us go without!!

I guess that is all for now. I was going to use this day off from work to catch up on some things around the house... Here I go!!


aola said...

it was great to read an update... I can't believe your Scottie is fixing to get married!!! Oh my! Time does fly. Sounds like life is good for you.
I read an article the other day about the fiscal cliff and they said pretty much what I thought .. that the media is trying their best to spin it to sound way worse than it actually is. I hope that's true and that it all works out for you guys,especially.

aola said...
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aola said...
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